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it was cloudy on eastern parkway, blossoming trees on through eyes end. in the courtyard or by the fireside, spinning all the great ideas. i was better when we woke up than i had ever been before. i dont need a metaphor.

we now live our lives in two, empty handed misconstrued, all thats left to do is consume. i seek comfort in a screen, its not obscure its not unique, however much i claim to be

in the morning through the sunlight, i felt peace and ease at last. but from a distance, disguised in cloudy, chance of rain and overcast. it seem to me that in early august everyone is breaking up. im either rambling or im shut up

in my head a love was true, i would jump the avenue, just to keep these thoughts a new. zooming fast on through the night a speeding cab it would collide, with what used to be alive

smoke surrounds your outfit, lets start a family, lets dress in black and fall asleep. nicotine and coffee, i know its mainstream, but its what keeps you awake. we could make waffles on winter mornings, in old brick creaky buildings, then march slowly onward- you are cool and i am chilly


from Paradigms and Hydrocarbons, released February 28, 2017



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