if i told you of the truth: the rowdiness, the stench of puke i found myself upon this afternoon. we sweat onto stained sheets of blue but loneliness is what ensued, its better than regretting a tattoo

im on the outside, im on the outside looking in and i know just when love begins. to say "im on the outside" is nearsighted and incomplete, this advice is not unique

she didnt listen to advice from all her peers, i hope his music strange and pretty weird, so much so that when it disappears it lingers still and pierces right through both her ears

study drugs and strict curfews cant guarantee a better mood, my stubbornness trumps a need for food. my grades a hive too many bees that swarm my thoughts and sting my teeth- why do i care about the obsolete?

bright and shiney with an aura of dismay, hes got a telport to come and take you away. now and then it gets just too much to fare, hes got a telaport to take you there


from Paradigms and Hydrocarbons, released February 28, 2017



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